Over the last few years as a band we have met some great people! We wanted to take a minute to tell you a little bit more about some of them! 


Ministry Of music

Ministry of Music’s vision is to support and bring together UK Christian artists and event organisers in order to resource the Church in its worship and outreach to the community,

equip more Christian events with quality music and use the ministry of music to bring people closer to God.

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KingStock Music Festival

“Creativity is such an important part of life yet is hardly ever expressed in most people’s 9 to 5 existences. KingsStock provides a platform for people’s hidden creativity to rise to the surface!”

This festival brings together people from all different walks of life, many of them share a Christian faith (and the huge variety of lifestyles this represents), others do not, but all are welcome to come and enjoy some of the best up and coming musicians and artists from across the U.K.



Creation Fest exists in order to share the good news of the God who has created us and loves us, of His Son, Jesus Christ, who has redeemed us, and of the Spirit who guides us. Our desire is that Christians would know and love Jesus more as they stand on the authority of Scripture, and that churches would come together in greater unity.


InPresence Records

InPresence Records aim to see people in the slternatve scene come to know Jesus. They do this by equipping Christian musicians, building the christian alternative scene and raising the profile of Christian bands which allows them to share the gospel on the secular stage.



Rifferspock is a four piece rock outfit with a sound ranging from influences in hard rock, metal and pop punk. The band is passionate about creating music and lyrics that provides a voice that influences and impacts people's lives in a positive way.



KISH is an Indie/Folk Rock band based in Coventry. Their sings communicate a relationship with God and the pursuit of who he is.



The Meltdown Retreat is the world's longest running Christian teaching event geared towards people who enjoy hard, heavy and alternative styles of music. The bands at Meltdown play styles from punk through melodic rock, hard rock, metal to hardcore metal.


One NAtion Studios

At their Coventry recording studio they aim to get the best sounding recordings for you. By listening to your latest recording or live performance, and appreciating your musical passions, preferences and influences, they ensure their professional input and technical expertise creates a sound specifically tailored to you, from start to finish.



Where the members of Vamoosery met!

Located in Coventry, UK, they have been developing and delivering cutting-edge courses to students since 1998.

They have established a reputation of providing excellent education using the very best teachers and well-equipped facilities. Their courses are designed from the ground up to meet a variety of training needs for Christian musicians and technicians. All contain a focus of study on popular music alongside theology and worship education.


Waiting for Ravens

Waiting for Ravens a hard rock and worship band with a positive high energy and powerful sound gives the audience a performance they will never forget. The powerful voices and the band’s rushing energy in the guitars simply draws the listener in and immediately hooks them. Through a powerhouse of original songs, personal testimonies, and engaging worship, the group delivers the message in a way that leaves the listener to understand the desperate need for a Saviour.



Noiiises are an energetic pop band whose hooks, grooves and riffs are crafted to draw the ear in to hear a message of hope. Noiiises are driven by a passion for nonconformity on and off the stage, their set up will excite any musician and provides for an extremely captivating live performance.


Radio Plus

With more relevant music, conversation and entertainment, Radio Plus supports those who want to make Coventry a great place to live, work and play.

They see the local communities changed for the better by messages of hope, encouragement and a life worth living.