Vamoosery is a female fronted Rock/Prog outfIt with a unique sound


Passionate about impacting people through music, sharing their journey together through building community and accurately expressing their hearts to one another.

The band formed 3 years ago in the red brick city of Coventry and have been writing & gigging ever since. Originally from all corners of the UK the band have strong Prog/Rock influences and aim to write songs that are as musically interesting as they are fun and life giving to play.

Vamoosery recorded a 5 track EP in 2014 which was released in June 2015. The band have since been in the studio in may 2016 recording new material set for release in early 2017, as well as rehearsing, writing gigging.


Band members:

Sheridan Skinner - Vocals

James Nicholson - Guitar & Bv's

Joel Julian - Guitar 

Jack Colchester - Bass

Luke Webster - Drums